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Raymond Dunn

PhD Researcher

Ray is a curious, passionate scientist who is most excited when he’s developing new technologies to probe deep questions in biology.

In the FOCO lab, Ray asks how ongoing patterns of activity underlie action selection by scaffolding sensorimotor processing and gating interactions between distinct neuronal populations.

He studies these questions by measuring whole-brain neural activity in C. elegans, writing custom software to deliver experimental perturbations to individual neurons, and dynamical systems analysis.

Prior to the FOCO lab, Ray worked in the labs of Daniel T.S. Pak, Patrick Forcelli, Tiago Branco, and Michael Goard, as his scientific interests shifted from studying molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity to now studying computational features of brain dynamics.

Outside of lab, don’t be surprised to see Ray playing board games with friends, crushing iron at the gym, or doing some arts and crafts.

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